Better predict drug's effects on human Body

New microfluidic technology, alternative to animal experimentations

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Main Features

PDMS free

The only commercial MPS PDMS free device with no bias in toxicology and efficacy studies

Incubator free

Direct integration in existing analysis workflow, without disruption of the culture conditions

Pré-clinical, 3D Culture & In Vitro Tox
Compatible with culture standard

From 6 to 24 well allowing a direct transfer of the culture protocol

Vascularized 3D biological model

Physiological maintenance of a differentiated endothelium with an organ stroma >5 days

Discover the Applications of Cubix

Our Experience

Our mission is to develop the most advanced technological platform for predicting the impact of molecules (drug, endocrine disruptor, cosmetic, etc.) on the human body to better treat pathologies (orphan diseases, cancer, bacterial resistance, virus). Moreover, This platform is an alternative to use less animals model by combining new microfluidic technology , artificial intelligence and most advanced imaging techniques.



Learn how Cubix impacted researchers, the first incubator-free microenvironment controller in the world. Enabled the mimicking of physiological and pathological culture conditions in vitro. CubiX is the only microenvironment controller fully compatible with live imaging. You will never be blind to your sample ever.

CubiX is scalable & customizable allowing you to use custom made chips, multiwell, commercial microfluidic chip, and many more to help you get better and longer biological culture.

Cubix and its consumables compatible with multi-well plates are versatile and do not upset the operative praxis of biomedical researchers. Further, the consumable can be configurated with a high customizable interconnection layout of the wells ensuring desired intra- and inter-well gradients.
Cubix! This cube fixes everything that I wished for. Cubix empowered us in replicating effortlessly the microenvironment conditions for spermatozoa swimming. Customized physiological gases enrichment with high degree control of flow and temperature allowed us to develop a repeatable, user-friendly, and automated biological protocol
Post-doc Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, project MicroFSMA
An easy to grasp user interface and near-complete plug-n-play assembly allows for using low-to-medium throughput consumables. Customizable liquid flow patterns allow for easy micro-tissue and multi-organ zonation designs.
François TAUTE, PhD
Post-doc Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, project Mimetic Indirect
I thoroughly enjoyed working with CubiX, and particularly appreciated that I could control the dissolved oxygen in the culture unit. This I then could also monitor through the systems compatibility with in-line sensors.
Miriam GRAUTE, PhD

We Are Here For You

Projects - 15
Partners - 150
Beta testers - 5

Cubix for Pharmaceautical and Biotech Companies

  • Benefits: Lower false positive drug candidate in preclinical phases, accelerate the drug development process, leading to drastic cost reduction
  • How?:  Obtain a functional 3D vascularized adipose tissue  in medium-throughput, for a hit to lead and lead characterization

Cubix for Academic and Translational Researchers

  • Benefits: New fundamental discovery leading to higher publications impact and increase Shanghai ranking
  • How?: Obtain a functional 3D vascularized adipose tissue long term (> 2weeks) for new molecular target identification and mechanism of action deciphering

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